Masatoshi Okutomi, Ph.D.
Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Department: Department of Systems and Control Engineering, Schoool of Engineering,
Mailing address: 2-12-1-S5-22 Ookayama, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, 152-8550 JAPAN
Office Location: #301A, South building 5, Ookayama Campus
phone: 81-3-5734-3472
fax: 81-3-5734-3483

Tokyo Tech Research Repository (T2R2)
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I like gardening which is collaborative work with nature to create beautiful scenes. Here are some pictures from my tiny garden (well actually, it's just narrow space between my house and streets, though :).


I like to make flower arches.

I'm happy to see butterflies and bees staying here even in this metropolitan area.

Our late lovely dog whom my family will never forget.
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