Analysis for
Deep Learning

We analyzed a trained network to extract features which mainly contribute the inference. Based on the analysis, we developed a simple solution to generate explanations of the inference processes


Improving Transparency of Deep Neural Inference Process

Hiroshi Kuwajima, Masayuki Tanaka and Masatoshi Okutomi
Progress in Artificial Intelligence, Vol.8, Issue2, pp.273-285, June, 2019

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桑島洋, 田中正行
第24回画像センシングシンポジウム(SSII2018), pp.SO2-IS2-02-1-8, June, 2018.


Network Analysis for Explanation

Hiroshi Kuwajima, Masayuki Tanaka
Transparent and Interpretable Machine Learning in Safety Critical Environments(NIPS2017 workshop), December, 2017.

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