Dept. of Systems and Control Engineering

Tokyo Institute of Technology

Tokyo Institute of Technology Library

Multi-View Inverse Rendering
IMU-Aided 3D Reconstrcution
CNN-Based Degraded Image Recognition
Stomach 3D Reconstruction from Endoscope Images
Future Frame Prediction
Learning-Based Human Detection from LiDAR Data
Deep Snapshot HDR Imaging
Polarization Demosaicking
Vital Sensing
3D Pipe Network Reconstruction Using Prior Shape Constraints
Unified Imaging Pipeline
Precise Shape and Reflectance Estimation Using
Off-the-Shelf Projector and Camera
Large-Scale Visual Localization
Deep Learning (General Framework)
Multi-Modal/Spectral Image Fusion
Beyond RGB Imaging
CNN-Based Image Restoration
Gradient-Domain Image Reconstruction
Residual Interpolation for Image Demosaicing
Robust Feature Matching
Super High Dynamic Range Imaging
Depth Upsampling
Online 3-D Reconstruction
Place Recognition
Ground Surface Estimation Using Vehicle-Mounted Cameras
Stereoscopic Image Generation
Signal-Dependent Noise Estimation and Removal
Online Video Mosaicing
Multi-View Stereo with Fish-Eye Lens and Mirrors
Image Prior and Denoising
Global Optimizations
Floor Sensing for Biped Robot
Fast 3-D Reconstruction by Direct Stereo Image Alignment
Precise Motion Estimation by Direct Stereo Image Alignment
Projector-Camera Systems
Super Resolution
Non-Rigid Registration Between Color Channels
Motion Debluring
Reflection Stereo
Road Scene Understanding
Virtual Focusing
Pixel Mixture
Face Detection
Unified Optimization of Stereo and Sequencial Images
Interactive Stereo 3-D Reconstruction
Multiperspective Panoramic 3-D Reconstruction
Precise Sub-Pixel Matching
Sensor Fusion of MMW Radar and CCD Camera
Precise Image Mosaicing
Multi-Baseline Stereo
and Related Stuff
Shape from Rotation
Multi-View Image-Based Rendering without 3-D Reconstruction
3-D Reconstruction of Optic Nerve Head
Stereo Matching with an Adaptive Window