Dept. of Systems and Control Engineering

Tokyo Institute of Technology

Tokyo Institute of Technology Library

CNN-Based Degraded Image Recognition
Stomach 3D Reconstruction from Endoscope Images
3D Reconstruction/Localization for Industrial Endoscope
Multi-Modal Pedestrian Detection with Misalignment
Multi-View Inverse Rendering
Gradient-Domain Image Reconstruction
IMU-Aided 3D Reconstrcution
Future Frame Prediction
Learning-Based Human Detection from LiDAR Data
Deep Snapshot HDR Imaging
Polarization Demosaicking
Vital Sensing
Unified Imaging Pipeline
Precise Shape and Reflectance Estimation Using
Off-the-Shelf Projector and Camera
Large-Scale Visual Localization
Deep Learning (General Framework)
Multi-Modal/Spectral Image Fusion
Beyond RGB Imaging
CNN-Based Image Restoration
Residual Interpolation for Image Demosaicing
Robust Feature Matching
Super High Dynamic Range Imaging
Depth Upsampling
Online 3-D Reconstruction
Place Recognition
Ground Surface Estimation Using Vehicle-Mounted Cameras
Stereoscopic Image Generation
Signal-Dependent Noise Estimation and Removal
Online Video Mosaicing
Multi-View Stereo with Fish-Eye Lens and Mirrors
Image Prior and Denoising
Global Optimizations
Floor Sensing for Biped Robot
Fast 3-D Reconstruction by Direct Stereo Image Alignment
Precise Motion Estimation by Direct Stereo Image Alignment
Projector-Camera Systems
Super Resolution
Non-Rigid Registration Between Color Channels
Motion Debluring
Reflection Stereo
Road Scene Understanding
Virtual Focusing
Pixel Mixture
Face Detection
Unified Optimization of Stereo and Sequencial Images
Interactive Stereo 3-D Reconstruction
Multiperspective Panoramic 3-D Reconstruction
Precise Sub-Pixel Matching
Sensor Fusion of MMW Radar and CCD Camera
Precise Image Mosaicing
Multi-Baseline Stereo
and Related Stuff
Shape from Rotation
Multi-View Image-Based Rendering without 3-D Reconstruction
3-D Reconstruction of Optic Nerve Head
Stereo Matching with an Adaptive Window