Proposed Algorithm Overview



     A one-shot multispectral imaging system using a multispectral filter array (MSFA) provides a practical solution for compact, low-cost, and real-time multispectral imaging. However, multispectral demosaicking is a challenging problem because each spectral band is significantly undersampled in the MSFA. In this paper, we propose a novel demosaicking algorithm for the MSFA proposed in [1, 2]. Main contributions of this paper are (i) we utilize multispectral correlations for generating a guide image, which is effectively used for interpolation preserving image structures, and (ii) we effectively use residual interpolation (RI) [3] for generating the guide image and interpolating each spectral band. Experimental results demonstrate that our proposed algorithm significantly outperforms existing state-of-the-art algorithms.


  • Multispectral Demosaicking with Novel Guide Image Generation and Residual Interpolation
    Yusuke Monno, Daisuke Kiku, Sunao Kikuchi, Masayuki Tanaka and Masatoshi Okutomi
    IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP2014), pp.645-649, October, 2014.[PDF,Poster]

Dataset and Code