RGB-NIR Imaging

Single-sensor RGB-NIR camera prototype [Project]

  We have developed a single-sensor RGB-NIR camera prototype that can capture RGB and NIR images simultaneously in real time.

  • Single-Sensor RGB-NIR Imaging: High-Quality System Design and Prototype Implementation, IEEE Sensors Journal, 2019.

Multispectral Imaging

Five-band multispectral camera prototype [Project]

  We built a practical one-shot five-band camera prototype that can capture high-quality 5-band multispectral images at 30fps.

  • A Practical One-Shot Multispectral Imaging System Using a Single Image Sensor, IEEE TIP, 2015.

Spectral 3D Sensing

Spectral 3D data acquisition system [Project]

  We proposed a novel projector-camera system for practical and low-cost spectral 3D data acquisition.

  • Pro-Cam SSfM: Projector-Camera System for Structure and Spectral Reflectance from Motion, ICCV2019.

Stomach 3D Reconstruction

Stomach 3D reconstruction from endoscope images [Project]

  We proposed a stomach 3D reconstruction pipeline from a standard monocular endoscope video.

  • Whole Stomach 3D Reconstruction and Frame Localization from Monocular Endoscope Video, IEEE JTEHM (Accepted).

Remote Photoplethysmography

Cardiac information estimation from a facial video [Project]

  We proposed remote heart rate and inter-beat interval measuremen methods from a facial video.

  • Inter-Beat Interval Estimation from Facial Video Based on Reliability of BVP Signals, EMBC2019.
  • Remote Heart Rate Measurement from RGB-NIR Video Based on Spatial and Spectral Face Patch Selection, EMBC2018.

Color Image Demosaicking

Residual interpolation for image demosaicking [Project]

  We proposed a state-of-the-art demosaicking algorithms using our proposed residual interpolation, which can be used as an alternative to widely used color difference interpolation.

  • Adaptive Residual Interpolation for Color and Multispectral Image Demosaicking, Sensors, 2017.
  • Beyond Color Differene: Residual Interpolation for Color Image Demosaicking, IEEE TIP, 2016.

Color Correction

Color correction for noisy images

  We proposed effective color correction algorithms for noisy images.

  • Tunable Color Correction Between Linear and Polynomial Models for Noisy Images, ICIP2017. [PDF], [Poster]
  • Effective Color Correction Pipeline for A Noisy Image, ICIP2016. [Project]

Depth Map Upsampling

Residual interpolation for depth upsampling [Project]

  We proposed an intensity guided depth map upsampling method based on residual interpolation.

  • Intensity Guided Depth Upsampling by Residual Interpolation, ICAM2015.